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Piedmont Middle School Media Center

Monday - Friday
7:45 am - 3:15 pm



The vision of the Piedmont Middle School Library Media Program is to support the teachers and students of Piedmont Middle.  The media specialist will provide access to current, adequate, and appropriate information resources.  The media specialist will ensure that all students, teachers, and staff are effective users of all resources and technology.


The library media center has over 5000 books in the collection.  The reference collection consist of almanacs, atlases, encyclopedias and dictionaries.  There are periodicals for everyone to read while in the library media center. 



  • Students and community members may use the Library Media Center before, during, and after school.  Arrangements may be made with Mrs. Studdard to open the Library Media Center earlier or later than regular school hours if needed.
  • The Library Media Center is open to all students during break and lunch.  Students must have a pass from a teacher to come to the library during class.
  • Students are welcome to use the Library Media Center for any educational purpose.  They may conduct research, create multimedia presentations, study, or read books, magazines and newspapers for pleasure.


  • Teachers are encouraged to schedule their classes and bring them to the Library Media Center to conduct research, to check out books, or to engage in other group activities.
  • All scheduling should be handled through Mrs. Studdard.   



Proper Book Care


Please continue to enocourage proper book care for books borrowed from the library.  It is important for students to handle books with care.  Don't eat or drink around library books, and always keep them in a safe place (away from younger brothers/sisters, pets etc.)  Click on the link "Proper Book Care" to watch a fun video about caring for your library books.